Relating Thick-Bodied Points to Old-Clovis Points

Oct. 12, 2010

In my webpage Clovis First / Pre-CIovis -- Revisited 2004 I argued that thick-bodied points were Pre-Clovis and that Old Clovis, which are thick-bodied Clovis Points (see The Clovis/Folsom Transition), developed from these thick-bodied points. John Garrett, a friend and colleague, took this idea and created an animated presentation in Power Point demonstrating how thick-bodied points relate to Old Clovis. Additionally, this excellent tool demonstrates how a refurbished thick-bodied point, which has been basally thinned during re-basing, can be misidentified as an Old Clovis point. Click here to download John's presentation (1.2megs). I have duplicated this webpage on my blog page, if the reader would like to comment on this presentation.

Note: Microsoft PowerPoint '97-2003 or newer is required for this presentation, otherwise the animation portion will not work. If the reader doesn't have this software, then a free Powerpoint Reader can be downloaded from this location. Another option is OpenOffice software, which is suppose to have a PowerPoint reader that will run this presentation. However, I have not tested it.

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